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Ultimate Marketing Tools

 Andrew Cameron (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271270

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Project Information

We received a Word doc from Andrew, which we then formatted to an epub and mobi. We paid careful attention to the more than 120 images and tables, which had to be optimised in order to be clear and sharp when the reader of the device double tapped on the image.

Book Information

Ultimate Marketing Tools provides marketing professionals and students with 50 stand-out marketing analysis models. Each marketing tool is a visual analysis model that provides guidance on specific marketing issues, including industry and internal analysis, marketing decision making, marketing performance and control, new product development, product portfolio analysis, and product positioning.

Ultimate Marketing Tools will help the reader make better decision, generate better ideas and be more convincing. These tools are ideal for use in marketing plans, business plans and communications plans.

Each of the 50 marketing tools in this book has been concisely described; with step by step instructions on how to use each tool. In addition, simple applications of each tool and cautions have been provided to help the reader apply each tool to their specific marketing issues and problems.



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