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Horses From Courses: Retraining Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses

Scott Brodie (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-45-4
Published date: 25 May 2015
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About the project
Scott Brodie came to us with a Pages document to be proofread. Once that was complete we designed a front cover and used this for inspiration for our Ebook Designer’s Touch™. The cover image was chosen by the author, and the colours from this inspired the colours throughout the ebook design. Once we had converted the document to an ebook we distributed it through our regular channels.

Book Information
Every year thousands of thoroughbred ex race horses, often referred to as OTTB, (off the track thoroughbreds) retire from the racing industry, their future uncertain. Many well-meaning horse enthusiasts seek to take these horses and retrain them for sport and recreational purposes. This book takes the accumulated experience and knowledge of horse trainer Scott Brodie—manager of the New South Wales Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust, re-trainer of hundreds of ex racehorses—and allows the novice trainer to tap into this valuable source of information previously unattainable for the average horse enthusiast.

Brodie has a generously empathetic philosophy to handling horses and a unique spin on the retraining of retired racehorses. Utilising a surprisingly smooth synergy of natural horsemanship and the practical application of classical dressage, Brodie’s systematic approach to this often difficult and dangerous endeavour ensures the smoothest and fairest transition for the horse from racing machine to pleasurable riding partner.

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