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The Inner Pathways Series

9781925137002Contributors: Linet Amalie

Linet approached us with 8 manuscripts including 7 from the Inner Pathways Series and the complete Inner Pathways Workbook. She also supplied us with professionally edited meditation mp3 audio files which we embedded into the ebooks as per Apple specifications. We also designed the front covers and applied Ebook Designer’s Touch™ using font styles, dividers and colour schemes. Once approved we distributed all ebooks to Apple.

The Inner Pathways Complete Workbook

  • Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame
    Spiritual Development Workbook

The Inner Pathways Series

    • Book 1: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: Introduction to the Basic Chakras
    • Book 2: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: Spiritual Awareness and Spirit Guides
    • Book 3: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: Creating a Psychic Workshop
    • Book 4: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: Working with your Spirit Guides
    • Book 5: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: Past Lives and Your Higher Self
    • Book 6: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: How to Heal Yourself and Others
    • Book 7: Inner Pathways—Igniting the Flame: How to give Empathic Readings

About the books
Inner Pathways is a richly crafted workbook and collection of meditations to launch your journey into developing your Higher Self.  Personal anecdotes and clinical experiences enlighten and inform as you learn to connect with Spirit, build a safe place for Spiritual work, understand the Chakras and more.  Simple to read, easy to understand yet powerfully written, Inner Pathways -Igniting the Flame is your essential companion as you embark on your spiritual journey.

Includes embedded meditation audio files.

Ebook Screenshots

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