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Hungry Tums … Sweet As

Contributors: Di Heath (Author)

Ebook no longer available   

About the project
We converted and aggregated this ebook for author Di Heath. It was converted from Word to ePub and Mobi by our team and published by Australian eBook Publisher. Di was lovely to work with, and the entire project went quite smoothly from start to finish.

Book Information
Are you wanting less sugar in your diet, but still love eating tasty, sweet morsels??  Then the sugar-free recipe book Hungry Tums... Sweet As is your answer. It is full of fantastic recipes without a single grain of sugar in sight!  Eliminating sugar does not mean you need to eliminate delicious food... you can still bake your cakes and even eat them too!!  The recipes are deliciously tasty and super easy...even kids and Hubby’s are making them!  The sweeteners used include Dextrose (which is another name for glucose), Rice Malt Syrup (RMS) and Glucose Syrup.  There is not an artificial sweetener in sight.  Simple recipes, using simple everyday ingredients.  Order your copy today and make your life Sweet As.

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