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On Agricultural Prosperity

Contributors: Cameron Best
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-37-9
Print ISBN: 978-1-925516-01-2
Published date: 26th November 2015
Ebook available on:

Print available on:

About the project

We started by proofreading Cameron’s manuscript. Once the edit was complete, we designed the front cover and completed a fairly straightforward ebook conversion. When everything was looking good we loaded it onto our usual vendors. Later this book became a print project, so we used the Word doc we were supplied with for the ebook and created a visually appealing print book. The front cover was redesigned to become a high resolution cover with spine and back cover.

About the book

On Agricultural Prosperity takes the best thoughts that history and philosophy have offered and makes them relevant to the present day rural context.

Written in a simple illustrative style, On Agricultural Prosperity explains the core forces that act against rural profit and disproves the solutions that are promoted by the incumbent political dialogue, before providing a true solution that adheres to the rules of prosperity, which have been unchanged for 3,000 years.

On Agricultural Prosperity is a key piece of strategic thinking, based on a unique resource, aimed at putting the solution to rural profit directly into the hands of farmers. As such, it is an essential read for those farmers seeking to put the viability of their rural business into their own hands.

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