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The System: Trailer loading education

cover_400pxAuthors:  Lara Beth Poynton and Nigel Anderson
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-28-9
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-29-6
Print ISBN: 978-1-925635-70-6
Ebook published date: 14 October 2016
Print book published date: 17 November 2017
Ebook available on:

About the project
We designed Nigel and Lara's ebook using our Ebook Designer's Touch™ and created a cover to match. We created a mobi and epub version of the book and then, once Nigel approved approved our design we distributed it to the resellers listed above. Later we then made a print version of this book for the customer, which consisted of a black and white interior and colour cover. We printed it via our Print on Demand service.

About the book
The System is more than a book of techniques, it is a complete horse training philosophy based on three principles that are over 2000 years old. The purpose of The System is for all owners and their horses to succeed at any level, safely.

Renowned professionals Lara Beth Poynton and Nigel Anderson have combined their research and expertise to develop The System, which has been tested on over 1000 horses, including wild mountain horses and international racehorses.

Horse training with The System is clear and simple for the horse and trainer to understand. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, whether young or old, the techniques taught in this book are highly effective and the results will last forever.

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About the author
Lara is a qualified senior riding instructor, a successful horse trainer and an inspiring educator. Nigel has been a passionate rider, competitor, and breeder of horses for over 20 years. Together they are totally committed to develop the ultimate system of horse education that is accessible for every single horse person in the world.

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