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Alexander’s Choice

Contributors: Dermott McGuinness (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271843

About the project
Dermott approached us with a large manuscript in Microsoft Word that he wanted converting in to reflowing ePub and mobi files. He already had a cover designed and did not want any book design, layout or typesetting. We converted the book and put it up for sale on Kindle Select.

About the book
In 330BC Alexander the Great is faced with a choice; does he turn right and face the might of the Persian Empire or turn left and seek revenge for the murder of his uncle? The choice will resonate throughout centuries and will shape the world forever.

Professor Jason Watt is faced with a dilemma; does he let his life drift away or does he take a leap into the unknown and seek to create a new history for the world. Faced with an opportunity to right a terrible wrong and place the world on a path of enlightenment he will have to overcome challenges and threats to his life and the lives of those he loves while at the same time seek to placate the greatest military leader the world has ever seen.

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