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Forget Everything And Run: What Enabled Me to Overcome Anxiety

About the project
First of all we did a line edit for this from the supplied manuscript, then once the manuscript was ready to continue with, we did the cover design. Then the print design of the interior of the book was commenced, and the book was printed via our Print on Demand service, which also covers distribution to a wide range of book sellers. The book was then converted to an ebook and distributed via our online distributors. A range of marketing services was also carried out for this book, including our Marketing Stage One.

About the book

If you've ever experienced anxiety, panic attacks or fear evoked by your environment ( for example, being in a crowded place ) then you can benefit from reading this book. If you're seeking answers for yourself, or someone else you know, reading similar experiences can help to give hope and light the pathway to healing. Forget Everything And Run is a powerful true story of a young woman's fight, for over a decade with anxiety, heart palpitations and agoraphobia. Exploring the links between present experiences and the confusion and betrayals of the past, Natalie is able to detail the steps she took to recover. How was Natalie able to overcome and be healed of all her anxiety, fears, and mistrust? To get control of alcohol and substance abuse? What enabled her to discover peace for the first time in her life? These pages reveal a truth that may set you free.

About the Author

Natalie Dean once lived with a debilitating illness that made everyday life a struggle. Anxiety and agoraphobia once kept her from enjoying the full experience of life. Her writing explores the history of her illness, how she overcame anxiety disorder and the past 22 years, in which she has lived healed, whole and at peace.

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