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Koala Sam: An Australian story of love and survival

Author: Heather Freeman
Illustrator: Peter Townsend

Contributors: Heather Frahn (Music), Bronwen James (Narrator), John Brakel (Editor), Ros Osborn (Editor)

Enhanced Ebook on:

About the project
Heather's project has been a joy to assist with, as she has some great ideas for using this enhanced edition of her ebook to help children who are learning to read. While Heather had already put her ebook onto Amazon, during this project we created an epub and added media overlay to it. That means audio book or narration, which when read has the words highlighted in the ebook and turns the pages automatically. We then distributed the ebook to Apple.

About the book
Koala Sam is caught in one of Australia's biggest bush fires. With luck on her side she is saved by brave and compassionate volunteers.

Koala Sam shows great bravery and resilience and after a short time in care she is placed back to freedom where she finds a happy and uplifting surprise. A story of courage, hope and kindness.

Children can read along with this enhanced version of Koala Sam, it has a rich musical soundtrack with sound effects and beautiful narration. Very enjoyable for children and adults alike.

This is a special story that arose amidst tragedy, the author aims to raise funds for koala care and the Country Fire Service with part proceeds from the sale of this ebook. Thank you

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