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More Kisses Than That

Darren Burton (Author)

This one was a conversion only job using a client-supplied cover. We added our Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to the manuscript, which made the Chapter heading sections match the font on the front cover and we included a design motif to separate the chapters. We then converted the manuscript to epub and mobi. It was a very straightforward job as there were no images or tables within the body of the epub.

Book Information

More Kisses Than That is a rollicking medieval adventure of lust, betrayal, murder and salvation.

Trapped in a pending marriage she wants no part of, and with her life suddenly in jeopardy, young Lady Roswick flees the evil Lord Barrington to the arms and understanding of simple farmer Murray Mann.

But her knowledge of Barrington’s plot to kill the King puts them in dire peril and they must flee for their very lives with Barrington’s murderous foot soldiers never more than a heartbeat behind.
Will they find sanctuary? Will they find love? Will they find this is one big cliché written by a thousand authors already?

The answer is in the very pages of their story and ultimately within their hearts.

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