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The Adventures of Tristan – A Brood of Adders

TristanComic-Cover.225x225-75Contributors: Zadoc (Author)

About the project
This project included conversion from a client supplied 64 page comic to a fixed layout ebook. Each page included a comic strip image containing speech bubbles. We ensured the text within the speech bubbles were converted to live text so that they can be selected and searchable. We then validated and distributed the ebook to Apple, Google Play and Kobo.

About the book
Come with Tristan on an adventure filled with intrigue, thrills, humour and fun.

In this gripping and quirky adventure, Tristan discovers an evil plot by a secretive cartel that seeks to control the world by way of manipulating terror.

The cartel has its crooks everywhere, and in Tasmania it is the bumbling agent, Barry who has it in for Tristan and a lovely Russian girl, Katia.

Will Tristan save Katia and the world or will Barry's evil boss, Dr.Richberg take his revenge on both Tristan and Katia? Or will they get the better of him? And what part does the drunken ape play in all this?

Find out and enjoy Tristan's adventure, A Brood of Adders.

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