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The Bracelet

Contributors: J.J. Sheahan (Author)
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About the project:
We first designed this book for print (see excerpts from the book below), including the front and back cover design. We liaised with the client and then later the printer to get the book looking exactly right and then provided print-ready pdfs to the printer when the job was all ready to go. We then began the conversion process. We were really happy with the easy transition from print layout to ebook. The design transferred very nicely, with the final result being an attractively designed print book and ebook in both epub and mobi formats.

If you have a book you'd like designed for print, please contact us. Or if you have a manuscript you'd like converted to ebook formats, along with the Designer's Touch, please read more here.

About the book:
Nineteen year old Katelyn thinks she has escaped her past and is chasing her dreams in the opal mines of outback Queensland, on her own, a long way from home and glad of it. Abruptly, she is wrenched from her dream by the worst of news and homeward she is bound.

Home is a small, Snowy Mountains community where Kate’s family has worked a small orchard for generations. Home is where Gran waits, Kate’s frail but feisty great-grandmother. Everyone in Yallowin knows Gran and more than a little about a her family’s stony history … and most of the population seem to remember the pretty, dark-skinned girl with a dead father and a scary temper who left town abruptly at fifteen.

Kate finds some solace in a family heirloom - a bracelet. Beautifully crafted of gold and precious stones, it was won in a horse race in the 1890s and has been handed down through the generations since, mother to daughter on the young woman’s wedding day. Kate doesn’t care about the history; it takes everything she has to survive her grief, fend off the ghosts from her catastrophic past and, bewilderingly, to deal with an unexpected relationship that threatens to derail her dreams. But Gran is hell-bent on telling her the adult versions of the stories of the women who wore the bracelet, stories of forbidden, colonial love, the heart-ache of World War II, and the sharp, cross-cultural tensions between Kate’s parents.

Why does Gran think it so important that Kate knows the women who have worn the bracelet? And why now? Has Kate really grown up enough to understand the real inheritance represented by the bracelet?

This is a tale about strong women across six generations of an Australian family and the heirloom that links them together. It is about embracing the reality beyond romance.

Book Cover Designed for Printing

The preview below shows the back, spine and front of the book.


Book Interior Layout Designed for Printing

This attractive greyscale layout for the fiction novel "The Bracelet" by John Sheahan was created by our book designer Julia Lefik.



After Ebook Formatting

The below screenshots from an iPad show how the attractive print design elements make it through to the epub version of the book, enhancing the professionalism of the ebook and making it easy on the eyes.



The screenshot below shows how the mobi file looks on a greyscale Reader, such as a Kindle Paperwhite, which has a much lower resolution than the Kindle Fire.



The below screenshots from a Kindle Fire 8.9" show how slight the differences are between the mobi format, when viewed on Kindle Fire, compared to the epub viewed on an Apple device.



Original Manuscript word document (Microsoft Word format)

The preview below shows how the manuscript looked before we designed the interior layout for print and then later conversion for ebook.



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