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The Silent Threat

Dr Alf Poulos (Author)

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  • Deciding upon the order of 'front matter' (back matter) including copyright and publishing details, and formatting them all in a standardised way
  • Getting the hundreds of references at the end of the book to align well, which is especially difficult in the Mobi format.
  • Setting up and testing a 750 word Table of Contents with about a hundred entries.
  • Including the front cover in the book, not just in meta-data. Convincing the customer not to include the back cover image (not necessary, and hard to read).
  • Ensuring consistent size and spacing of headings.

Book Information

How safe is the food you eat? Foreign chemicals and additives are an unavoidable part of almost all the foods we eat: From the pesticides and fertilisers on our crops to the preservatives and colouring agents in commercial food-processing to the platicisers from packaging materials. But are they safe? Described collectively as “the silent threat”, the chemicals that now pervade our diets have grown enormously in the last 50 years. Disturbingly, the information about their potential health effects has not. In this re-issue of the original 2005 edition of “The Silent Threat”, written for the Australian market, Professor Alf Poulos looks at the chemicals in the food chain, how they got there and assesses how safe they really are.

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