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Classroom to Life

Author: Greg Beacroft

Epub ISBN: 978-1-925999-67-9
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925999-68-6

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About the project
Greg Beacroft brought this project to us in April 2020, and we arranged the cover design, then converted it into an ebook and distributed it via our online distributors.

About the book
I have been teaching for over thirty years and I have seen students having difficulty journeying through life, making decisions, not knowing how to achieve things and lacking confidence in their own abilities.
I have seen parents with their children struggling along the adolescent highway of life, so it is hoped through reading my book you can both have an understanding of the journey to assist you in achieving the right destination.
Through this book, I hope to share some of my own experiences and some of the events that have shaped my life and many stories that I use in the classroom to assist students with their own personal development.
I have called the book Classroom to Life because I hope that on reading the book some of these stories will stay with you forever and assist you in the future.

About the Author

Greg Beacroft grew up in the suburb of Blacktown in New South Wales with his parents Michael and Diana and his older sister and brother Anne and Anthony. Greg's father was a rugby league referee in the NSWRL so going to watch league games and sport were all part of his childhood.

Growing up, he has played rugby league, baseball, cricket, athletics, and tennis.

He has worked as a teacher for over thirty years and has had part-time jobs as a gym instructor, radio presenter and for a brief period a garbage man.

He still lives in western Sydney and is married with one son.

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Published on 18th May 2020. Tags book cover design (ebook or print), ebook, ebook conversion, ebook distribution.