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Future Words

Roz Townsend (Author)

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This book was converted from pdf format to fixed layout epub. Even though this project was pretty straightforward, we had to work with quite a few images. When working with high resolution images we have to ensure that we keep the highest possible quality but optimise the images as much as possible to keep the file size down.

Book Information

This book gives a great insight into the words we use and the language we need in the world to bring a greater level of peace on the planet with everyone included.

Roz Townsend is an international best-selling speaker, author and trainer. She is committed to a new awareness of communication which is inclusive and moves us forward as a species.

“... how wonderful it would be if you can create such language as you mentioned in your book. ..this book made me think things on a complete different dimension.”

– Fudeko Reekie, Japanese Order of the Emperial Sun.

“A practical, quick and easy to read reframing of language. Enabling and empowering communication and leading to enhanced relationships.”

– Myrna Lewis, Deep Democracy the Lewis method, South Africa.

“Easy-to-read thought provoking little gem, simple yet profound. Written by an expert in communication with a wealth of awareness and knowledge”

– Lynora Brooke, Executive Coach & Mentor, Facilitator, Conflict Management Coach, Mediator, Australia.

“ interesting set of meditations on the impact of words on how we think about peace and conflict... a very hopeful and constructive way of looking at the challenges we face and how we can get beyond the limitations we impose on ourselves by the language we use.”

– Bernie Mayer, Professor of Dispute Resolution Werner Institute, Creighton University and Professor of the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies University Notre, Dame, USA.

“Kaleidoscopically accessible wisdom. Great book club material bringing mindfulness to language and the world we describe and create.”

– Ashley Limbury, Mediator, Coach and Conflict Management Specialist, Australia.

“..definitely one of those bright ideas that give you hope for the future...”

– Bill Zhu, Executive Director, H. H. Liu Education Foundation, Shanghai, China

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