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The Specialist

Author: Peter Cramb

Print ISBN: 978-1-925999-61-7
Epub ISBN:
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925999-63-1

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About the project

We had worked with Peter Cramb on a few of his other titles before he sent us The Specialist in March 2020. We did the cover design and print design of the interior of the book. It was then printed via our print-on-demand service, which also covers a wide range of booksellers. The book was then converted into an ebook and distributed via our online distributors.

About the book

Life is not going smoothly for Henry. He has come to The City, but try as he might, he cannot find The Specialist. Meanwhile, many ladies have their eyes fixed on Henry – or, to be more precise, his ears. It is hard to imagine things working out well. But then again, you never can tell.

From the author who brought you The Lady with the Interest in Dental Technology (but not the one who brought you Wuthering Heights), this is an unforgettable tale of seeking, searching, questing and looking. Oh, and a bear. A savage one.

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Published on 27th August 2020. Tags line editing, book cover design (ebook or print), ebook, ebook conversion, ebook distribution, marketing, publishing consultation.